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Amazingly Elegant


The Ballroom, is beautifully finished with detailed wall panels and ceiling trim. The spring-loaded, polished maple floor provides one of the best dancing surfaces in the city. The grandeur of this room is in its size. The overall floor plan is more than 70 feet deep by 92 feet wide with a ceiling height of 18 feet.Lighting is enhanced by dimmable crystal chandeliers, allowing this room to serve for a variety of purposes from intimate weddings to expansive banquets. The Ballroom also has a small raised stage located front-and-center of the room. For events with 400 to 600 guests, the Ballroom serves as a beautiful venue option.

Parking for Riverside Place Events is close and convenient. You can park at the Diamond parking lot that is located at 1211 W. Main Ave. Inquire with the events manager if you would like to reserve the lot for your event.

Function Room Features

  • Accommodates 400 to 600 guests
  • Stunning Period features
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Wifi
  • Room size 70′ deep, 92′ wide, 18′ ceiling height
  • Free parking
  • Spring-loaded Maple Dance Floor
  • Stage

“Wonderful place, very beautiful and clean, amazing staff! Would recommend highly to others!”


“Most professional event manager I have ever worked with! So personable and caring! Totally recommending this place to friends!”



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